Vertical Turbine

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NP&P offers only the best in vertical turbine pump assemblies.  Everything you need; material options for an array of applications.  We manufacture bowl sizes from 5″ up to 28″. We offer an array of RPM options.   We offer Vertical configurations coupled with every motor option on the market.  NP&P can provide complete packages, with VFD€™s, product monitoring, & App Based pump control.  We use fabrication from some of the best fabricators in Texas. NP&P can work on, and design any number of specialty applications.  We offer new product, existing repair, rebuild, and quotation services.


Pump Features

  • HP Ratings – 5hp – 500HP and Up
  • Flows – 50GPM to 15000GPM
  • Pressure Ratings up to 800PSI (~1800TDH)
  • Multiple Power Supply and Drive Options
  • Materials for Aggressive applications and run dry protections available
  • Coating Options for all applications



  • Agriculture
  • Construction and Job Site Dewatering
  • Quarry Dewatering
  • Supply Water
  • Mechanical Seal and Cooling Water
  • Wash Down Stations
  • High Pressure Demands
  • Barge Pumps, & Tank Transfer


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