Submersible Turbine

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NP&P offers only the best in submersible turbine pump assemblies.  Everything you need; material options for an array of applications.  We manufacture bowl sizes from 5″ up to 11″. We offer 3450rpm & 1760rpm options.   We couple our pumps with the best submersible motors on the market (Tesla). We use fabrication from some of the best fabricators in Texas. NP&P can work on, and design any number of specialty applications.  We offer new product, existing repair, rebuild, and quotation services.


Pump Features

  • HP Ratings – 5hp – 500HP and Up
  • Flows – 50GPM to 6000GPM
  • Pressure Ratings up to 500PSI (~1200TDH)
  • Multiple Power Supply Options
  • Materials for Aggressive applications and run dry protections available.



  • Agriculture
  • Construction and Job Site Dewatering
  • Quarry Dewatering
  • Supply Water
  • Mechanical Seal and Cooling Water
  • Wash Down Stations
  • High Pressure Demands


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