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NP&P has an experienced team of technical fabrication designers. Along with our fabrication partners we offer some of the best specialty pump specific fabrication product on the market. When using a inline turbine booster a T-Head is almost always required. Our T-Heads can be designed around existing our brand-new pump applications. We offer completely custom center lines and bolt pattern options.


  • Inline Design for Existing or New Applications
  • 150lbs and 300lbs Flange Options
  • Round and Square Base Options
  • Standard Design Options From 4×3 to 16×14
  • Engineered for Water and Oil Lube Applications
  • Engineered for Packing Box or Mechanical Deal Design
  • O-ring Groove or Flat Gasket Design Options
  • Specialty Material Options Including 316SS or 304SS
  • Engineered for Pressure Gauges and Drain Plugs
  • Raised and Flat Face Flange Options
  • Unique and Fully Custom Design Options
  • Specialty Coating Options for All Fab Products


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