GE Ultra – NEMA Premium Efficient Line

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Ultra Motors NEMA Premium Efficient Industry-leading inverter-duty capability Advanced high thrust bearing system

  • Advanced patented cooling system
  • New insulated bearing
  • Reliable ball non-reverse ratchet
  • Standardized and modular design
  • Industry standard CD dimensions
  • Optional API 610 12th Edition adherence
  • Cast iron frame and cast aluminum top hat
  • Coupling kits convertible from NRR to SRC

Industry leading coil insulation system

GE pump motors are manufactured standard with a GEGARD2400 insulation system. This system exceeds NEMA MG1-31 (which is 3.1 times the nameplate voltage) for motors operating on inverters.

This insulation system is comprised of class H materials. The combination of this and the varnish process provides a typical Corona Inception Voltage of 2400 volts peak with a rise time of 0.1 seconds GE engineers found a better way to air cool bearings in larger frame TEFC motors.

The design improvements result in an amazing ~30OC temperature reduction helping to dramatically extend bearing and winding life.


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